Newt Gingrich Authors Agenda 21 Implementation “A Contract with the Earth”

How to dupe conservatives into joining global warming advocates.

By Deborah Wright

In 2007 Newt Gingrich along with fellow environmentalist Terry l. Maple authored “A Contract with the Earth”.  Newt Gingrich, the chameleon, demonstrates how he can comfortably communicate in the language of a true environmental extremist, making powerful leftist arguments; and when necessary, he can forcefully articulate conservatism to roaring cheers of conservatives.

According to the biography in his book, in the early 1970’s he was a professor of environmental studies at a western Georgia college.  Meet the environmentalist Newt Gingrich in his own words.  


 A Contract with the Earth aims to inspire a commitment to protect the integrity of the natural world and to usher in a promising age of environmental problem solving.”    –Newt Gingrich 

“Our Nations Moral Obligation to provide effective environmental leadership will require the formation of new strategic partnerships among nations, nongovernmental organizations, and multinational corporations dedicated to protecting and renewing the earth’s precious resources. International partnerships can only be achieved with presidential leadership and significant bipartisan support in congress.”    –Newt Gingrich 

Newt Gingrich, in the language of global warming and climate change advocates, spells out the strategy for getting the public to embrace the global warming agenda, and how to obtain compromise and a consensus among the opposition.  His objective is to manipulate conservatives into joining global warming believers or neutralize the entrenched opponents.

“However, if we engage our citizens and pull together in the same direction, I am confident we will avert a catastrophe and successfully renew the earth to it natural condition.”  –Newt Gingrich

The East Bay Tea Party, of the San Francisco Bay area, has seen these tactics employed in a process called Plan Bay Area.  The process seeks to gain consensus for a classic Gingrich grandiose idea implementing global warming remedies.  The proposed plan maps have no regard for private property rights and the aesthetics of suburban communities.  The maps represent an authoritarian design of high density near public transportation and arbitrary designation of land for open space disregarding private property ownership and current use.  To accomplish the goals of Plan Bay Area and the other 17 regions in California, the government would have to seize property from hundreds of thousands of property owners; bulldoze homes and businesses; and restrict all private property land use.  This process is going on across the state of California.  This sounds like wild conspiracy theory, until you go to their website ( and attend the public meetings.  The majority Democrat California state legislature and moderate Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger put the process into motion with SB 375, effective January 1, 2009.  Congress has allocated money for this process.

“Under SB 375 each region must develop a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) that promotes compact, mixed-use commercial and residential development that is walkable and bikable and close to mass transit, jobs, schools, shopping, parks, recreation and other amenities. If successful, Plan Bay Area will give people more transportation choices, create more livable communities and reduce the pollution that causes climate change.”     

The public input meetings use the tactic Gingrich employs in his book.   
They ask a series of question designed to generate a positive response, but when placed in context the response would be negative.  When they come out to bulldoze your house to convert it to open space, they can say you agreed and there was a consensus from the community.   A perfect example is the questionnaire “ARE YOU A MAINSTREAM ENVIRONMENTALIST?”   The questionnaire is before the first chapter, representing the main point of the book intended to prepare you to accept man-made global warming and a need for government to act.



Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 for each statement below, with 10 meaning that you strongly agree with the statement and 1 meaning you strongly disagree.


----A health environment should be able to coexist with a growing economy.

----Investments in science and technology will generate solutions to most of our environmental problems.

----Incentives should be offered to encourage corporations to clean up the environment.

----Most disagreements about the environment can be resolved through the art of compromise.

----Governments can play an important role in fostering and incentivizing a healthy environment but lose support when they are too controlling.

----Democracies have been far better environmental stewards than totalitarian states.

----Corporate and private philanthropy is essential to the success of a global environmental movement.

----Most of us have been taught to respect and protect the natural world.

----Political leadership will be defined in the twenty-first century by having a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.

----America must be a global leader on environmental issues.

If you scored higher than 70, you qualify to be labeled a “mainstream environmentalist”

 A Contract with the Earth, Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich in this book, praises the Endangered Species Act (“Environmental stewardship is everyone’s responsibility including Congress’s.  That is why I worked so diligently as speaker to protect the Endangered Species Act, historic legislation that has been mired in some controversy.  Despite its flaws --it is an essential conservation tool”) ---and he laments the US Senate’s rejection of the Kyoto accords. ( “Other nations and groups of nations have attempted to lead and beckoned America to follow.” “Something should be done to achieve sensible reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, but our government has not yet demonstrated the necessary leadership to create a workable alternative to Kyoto”)

Mr. Gingrich sitting on the couch with Nancy Pelosi was no accident nor a simple mistake.  Newt Gingrich is an environmental activist and global warming advocate. California Central Valley farmers who lost everything three years ago need not look any further than Newt Gingrich for the reason a little fish the Delta smelt was elevated above agriculture and people.  Syskiyou County landowners are threatened with plans to demolish dams causing their private property to be lost to floods.  This is what Newt Gingrich calls “renewing the earth to its natural condition”.

Newt Gingrich is demonstrating his ability to manipulate by garnering the support of many Tea Party groups for his Presidential bid.  The Tea Party cares about lower taxes, less regulation and smaller government.   Mr. Gingrich’s proposals, on the other hand are big ideas requiring big government.   Edward O. Wilson explains how Gingrich justifies his global warming extremism while claiming to be conservative.

“It may seem odd to some that a prominent political conservative should generate such a vision.  But Gingrich accompanied by Maple, is not departing from conservatism: he is restoring it to its original full meaning. Both “conservatism” and “conservation” are derived from the Latin conservare because each is meant to convey the ideal of saving and treasuring that which has overtime, proven best for humanity.”  --Forward, Edward O. Wilson

The Gingrich strategy of the local process being implemented in California  and across the nation is brilliant.  The process is currently taking place in every city, town and county throughout California.  The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives was created as a non-governmental spin-off by the United Nations to implement Agenda 21 locally.  It is almost impossible to organize and mount effective opposition to plans being implemented on hundred’s of fronts. To kill this monster  we must cut off the head.  We need a president who will on day-one freeze all greenhouse gas emissions enforcement activities of the Dept. of Interior, EPA, Dept of Transportation and other departments; and terminate all funding to the states for the purpose of planning land use scenarios to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  In other words, eliminate all funding to Agenda 21 implementation and planning.   The Endanger Species Act enforcement must also be curtailed and reevaluated.

If Newt Gingrich is elected we will have Agenda 21 on steroids.  “It is tragic that in American government, both congress and the president, has thus far failed to exert sufficient and effective leadership on the environment.  We anticipate a return to assertive American leadership.”  --Newt Gingrich “A Contract with the Earth”

Gingrich’s Environmentalism and Socialism Exposed

Stunning code words and environmental wacko terminology throughout the book included here to give you a clear understanding of Newt Gingrich.

  • Environmental problem solving
  • Stakeholders
  • Consensus
  • Sustainable
  • Cohesion, cooperation, and collaboration
  • Liberty justice and prosperity for all
  • Humanity’s collective impact
  • Renew the earth to its natural condition
  • Private-public partnership
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Gold standard of a sustainable renewable world
  • Restorative technologies
  • Focus and nurture environmental business
  • New benchmarks in protecting and renewing the environment
  • Clearinghouse for ecosystem assets to be purchased to offset the effect of development
  • Reach out to potential collaborators to form diverse and inclusive partnerships to disseminate prosperity and opportunity.
  • Mainstream environmentalists –We  don’t wear any special political armor; rather, we share the core values of appreciation, respect, and active stewardship for the earth.

Rick Santorum called man-made global warming a hoax during the last debate.  It has been confirmed this week by East Anglia University reporting, “The world has been cooling since 1997.”  Rick Santorum is the only person passionate enough about this country to  stand-up to the establishment and tell the truth.  We need to get behind the man who will restore and protect our property rights and return our country to prosperity.


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