Obama's Agenda --Dismantle the "Bill of Rights"

There is a consistent theme of Civil Rights Violations and hypocrisy  in all policies of the Obama Administration.  The President has mastered saying one thing and doing another, with the help of the once respected mainstream media,  50% of the people believe the words and never learn the reality.

Conservatives see through all of the tricks and attempted manipulations, but the low-information voters are blissfully ignorant.  The government is gradually taking away rights and pushing the American from every direction to see  how many freedoms will be apathetically surrendered.

Obamacare is a direct violation of the First Amendment "freedom of religion", Catholic hospitals and clinics required to violate it's doctrine to dispense birth control and abortion pills.  

The latest example is the Second Amendment. Laws to ban guns will not prevent crime and everyone knows when they look at Chicago's strict gun bans and extremely high gun murder rate. Liberals just believe the politicians and never take the time to learn the facts.

The Patriot Act is anything but patriotic, but was accepted as temporary after 9-11-01, but now Obama has made it permanent.  Liberals and conservatives rightfully opposed it when President Bush renewed it in 2006, but now liberals accept it because Obama is for it.  TSA violates the Fourth Amendment every-time we fly.  Homeland security wants to implement TSA searches in our cars.  Black boxes, government accessible recording devices are also being required in cars.

Agenda 21 is being used to take away property or restrict it's use rendering the property useless and without value to the owner.

The challenge for conservatives who want to preserve our freedom is great because the National Republican Party is not true opposition to the Democrat agenda. The RNC gives lip service but are unwilling to fight for the right to bear arms, right to be secure in our person against unreasonable searches and  freedom of religion. 

Moderate Republicans are happy to go along with the encroachment upon our freedoms as long as they can remain friends with the Democrats and in control of the Republican party.  Their main opponent is not the Democrat party, it's the TeaParty.

Getting lost in the weeds and details of Obama's next civil rights violation is not the best use of the conservatives time.  I acknowledge we need to be informed --- Rush, Levin and Hannity will watch and report on the liberals so we don't have to suffer.

When Obama stole the election with massive voter fraud, I was disappointed the Republican party did not challenge on Mitt Romney's behalf.  Mitt Romney was elected President and Allen West was re-elected to congress, but the fraud Democrats took office without a peep from the Republican Party.

Voter Fraud Makes Dark Blue States Hopeless ---Conservatives must move.

Blue state elections where the county is run by Democrats will have enormous fraud and even if the demographics change, the election results will not change.  California has pockets of conservative areas, but the crazy liberal state government makes it difficult for business to prosper and thousands businesses of all sizes have left the state.

Conservatives who live in blue states don't have a voice and live in an environment where they cannot express their views--MOVE.  Purple states need you to bolster conservative counties and overwhelm Democrat voter fraud in liberal counties for the 2014 and 2016 elections. Purple states also have the potential of passing and enforcing laws to control fraud, making them more desirable places to live. 

Republican states and counties need active conservatives in local politics to influence a strong conservative foundation.  Our focus has to be on getting in place to make the greatest impact on 2014 and 2016 elections.  United we save the nation.


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